Supported Products


Quickbooks is a market leader in small business accounting software for a reason - it's simple to use and satisfies most businesses accounting needs for an affordable price.

Quickbooks online gives the added convenience of anywhere access to critical information about you business through a computer, tablet or smart phone.  It also allows your accountant remote access to you accounting system.








Ring Central Cloud based phone systems allow you to set up a fully functioning business phone system with next to no capital investment and up-front costs including features such as call pools (sales, service, accounting), pre-recorded messages (contact information), automated attendants, direct dial lines and fully functional switchboards.

Cloud phone systems offer incredible power and flexibility with minimum overhead and maintenance costs and can save your company thousands of dollars a year in phone costs.  Customers migrating to cloud based phone systems typically reduce their telephone expense by 30 to 50 %




T-Sheetsis the ultimate cloud based solution for tracking time for on premise, field service and remote workers.

It incorporates GPS technology and is accessed by employees through computers, smart phones, or tablets.

It has the ability to track time to customers and jobs and gives you a dashboard view where you can see the location of  all you employees who are currently working.  It also allows you to manage and distribute schedules to your employees.

If you use Quickbooks Online accounting, T-Sheets seamlessly integrates with quickbooks for both payroll and customer time billing.



 Microsoft Office 365 brings solutions previously only available to enterprise level organizations to small business on a “per seat” pricing model. 

Office 365 is so much more than the traditional office suite of software.  It provides file storage and sharing through OneDrive, collaboration through it's Sharepoint and Team modules as well as providing an IT backbone that can integrate with other applications in your environment.

This ensures that your server infrastructure and office applications are always up to do date and eliminates the need for on-site application support.